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Facilities Use Contract


I hereby agree that I/we accept full responsibility for all claims for damages for bodily injury or to property arising from the group’s activities at the Church and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Church, its officers, agents and members from any claim, loss, or liability resulting from the group’s use of the Church’s facilities and not arising from the Church’s negligence; That I/we accept responsibility for any damage to the Church’s property arising from the group’s use of the Church’s facilities and will pay for repair or replacement of damaged property; The undersigned hereby agree and acknowledge, on behalf of the Organization: That he or she has read the Church’s Building Use Policy and agrees that the Organization will observe it during uses stated in this agreement; That he or she understands that any violation of these policies could result in termination of the use of the building. That St. Brigit may terminate this agreement without cause, on reasonable notice, without liability or returning fees paid.