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It’s often difficult to separate social opportunities from ministry and spiritual growth activities at St. Brigit, since any gathering usually begins and ends with a healthy dose of visiting and laughter. From the weekly Coffee Hours to seasonal Lenten Soup Suppers, we offer lots of opportunities to get to know and grow with us.

Prayer Chain
If you would like to ask the St. Brigit prayer chain to pray for a particular need please send your request to [email protected]. Prayer requests are kept in strict confidence and will be prayed for by members of the St. Brigit Prayer Chain. If you wish to pray for others and become a member of the St. Brigit prayer chain please email our priest at [email protected].

Email Lists
Several email lists keep parishioners up-to-date: Weekly Updates, Congregational Email Chain, Youth Emails, Children’s Weekly Email.

Shamrock Suppers Monthly Dinner Groups
These meals are shared in the homes of fellow parishioners. To sign up to be a part of a dinner group send an e-mail to  [email protected].

Quarterly Potlucks
Themed meals following worship on a quarterly basis where folks share their culinary gifts and old family recipes. A great opportunity to get to know new people in the community.

Ladies’ Night Out
The women of St. Brigit meet monthly at a local restaurant for an evening of relaxation and conversation.

The folks of St. Brigit like to celebrate our Celtic heritage with periodic Céilís, which are evenings of food, music, dancing, and story telling. We often have some home brewed beer. A good time is had by all!

Name Tags
Name tags make it easier for us to remember your name, especially if you are new to St. Brigit! If you need a name tag there is a request sheet on the Welcome Table.

Bulletin Boards
Have a look at one of the bulletin boards in the breezeway off of the sanctuary for information on upcoming events, youth and children’s activities, and outreach updates.