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Congregational Development Day – Saturday, August 27th, 9am-3pm.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO COME!!!

What is our story? Where have we been as a church congregation over the past 13 years and what is at the core of our identity now? What are we passionate about? Where are we headed and what steps do we take to get there?  Who do we want to be as a congregation and how can we get there together?

We have an amazing opportunity coming towards us and would love your involvement. Thanks to a special donation, we have the opportunity to hold what is known as a Congregational Development Day focusing on our theme of “Looking Back, Dreaming Forward,” with guest congregational developer, Lou Blanchard.  Lou will lead our conversation by exploring where we’ve come from, what we’ve had to overcome, and what we see as our next steps together and how to turn our goals and dreams into reality.

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In Memory of Joan Allyn Johnson 

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Sending peace, love and comfort to all.

You are not alone, and not forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lord, give them support to feel better.

Pray for the Transformation of the souls of Russian leaders. Peace for Ukraine.

Lord God Almighty. Drive the demons of war from the heart of all, especially Putin.

Under St. Brigit’s Mantle. For all the children. May they find comfort.

Heavenly Father, people are suffering in and around Ukraine, Big time. We are thousands of miles away, but this is on the hearts of many. Help our prayers encourage those struggling.

Father Mother God, Birther of all that is created. We stand strong in Your presence, grounded in Spirit. We stand in communion with all peoples crying out for justice, seeking peace.  Lovingly stretching beyond our physical selves to hold space in Your presence for our collective communities.

We stand in communion with those who have gone before us on the other side of the veil, that great cloud of witnesses, one body in Your Divine Presence, around Your table. We cry out for justice and peace.

Be quick to inspire our leaders with wise direction that justice may prevail.

St Brigit cover Ukraine and her helpers with your mantle. The land cries out with the blood of the wounded and recently dead. Protect and strengthen the helpers, the protectors, the nurturers as we stand together for justice and peace.

Divine One, encircle your peoples, keep fear and destruction without, keep clarity and courage within.

We, your divine children, stand strong in Your Light to shine the way in darkness.

– Members of the congregation

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