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What is Lent Madness, you say?? It is the holiest of events mixing sports and the love of Saints.

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Who started this awesome event? Rev. Tim Schenck and Rev. Canon Scott Gunn

Sunday Services

Enjoy Sunday Services in person or live streaming on Zoom. If you can’t make it at 9:30, visit our YouTube Chanel and watch the service anytime!
ATTENTION ZOOMERS: The congregation email for the Service will be sent out on Sunday mornings at 8:00am. To get on the mailing list email: [email protected] with your name and email address.
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**Zoomers, please us know about your Zoom experience is so we can fine tune the new sound system. Send comments, questions, complaints to Shelly Arnold at [email protected].

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4th Tuesday of each month, 9am to 4pm

By appointment only
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Want to join St. Brigit’s congregational development journey? The Financial Stewardship and Vision (FSV) team is looking for people who are passionate about a ministry area they’d like to see developed and/or strengthened and are willing to serve as a cheerleader for that dream.  The FSV wants to partner with people who will “champion” such a project and help gather a group of like-minded people to work together in developing and strengthening that idea.
If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to learn more, FSV members want to be in conversation with you. Send an email to FSV ([email protected]) with your contact information and a few words about what you’d like to see develop or strengthened. Your dream might be better community engagement, a parent support group, groundskeeping – or maybe something else. Looking forward to strengthening our congregation together!

FSV (Laura Lewis, Sean McGaughey, Jeff Nieusma, Demi Prentiss, Jeff Solas, Nancy Trubee)


Good news! St. Brigit  has received a mini-grant of $250 from Thrivent Financial to help with the beautification of our property. This is awesome, as that is one of the priorities we discerned last fall.

George and Marcia Andrews have agreed to lead the teams completing the work…when the weather is appropriate, in a few weeks 🙂 We have a couple of smaller projects in mind.  Don’t forget! Many hands will make for light and quick work.

If you are interested in being on one or more of the team(s) that will help beautify our church, please let us know. We will keep an eye on the weather and let you know when the forecasts are favorable–which will probably be in February, perhaps even March, and we will give you as much notice as possible, hoping the selected days will work for as many people as possible for each project.

email: [email protected]; phone or text: 303-502-4175

There are still spots for the June mission trip! They are not looking for adult volunteers.

June Service Trip to Albuquerque, NM, June 9-15, 2024
We have 30 youth spots on this trip, 20 of them have filled…amazing!
If you have youth who want to go please have them register as soon as possible, at this rate I anticipate the trip to fill by the end of January…..so exciting!
We will begin our monthly leaders planning meetings in February for this trip.
I will have those meeting dates out to you after I get a consensus of what day and time is best.

Both the June and July trips are fully staffed with adult leaders. If you have youth who want to go from your church you do not need to provide an additional adult leader. We are excited about the great leadership team for these trips.   Juanita

Link to YES webpage for all the scoop and registration:  http://tinyurl.com/4426pb64

Celtic Conversations

Celtic Conversations meets via Zoom on Wednesday mornings, from 9:15 am to 10:00 am. Everyone is invited to join the conversations. You can attend every Wednesday, or, any Wednesday you are able. The Zoom connection is always the same.

We will be using the Eata Series of Celtic Daily Readings found in the Celtic Daily Prayer Book 2. We can provide you with a free copy of the book.
For further information please contact Nancy Trubee, [email protected]or Rick Hess, [email protected] .

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