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Gathering Together / Growing Stronger

In the fall of 2022, St. Brigit is in recovery from isolation and loss during two years of the Covid pandemic. At the same time, St. Brigit is experiencing the stirrings of renewed life and hope as we look forward to a future that God is preparing for us.

Shaping our future together, St. Brigit Bishop’s Committee Community (BCC) and the Financial Stewardship and Vision work group (FSV) are looking ahead to a season of Gathering Together and Growing Stronger.  We pledge to work together, with all members of our faith community, to live into those two threads of our common life.  Gathering Together / Growing Stronger.

We recognize that for many, this new season means dealing with shared grief – at the deaths of people dear to us, at the losses inflicted by Covid and the community’s responses to it, at the evaporation of “normal” in the face of so many changes, at the uncertainty of living into a “new normal” that doesn’t feel normal at all.

Gathering may have different meanings for those in our community. We’ll be gathering as a community, in familiar patterns like worship and recovered traditions of fellowship. We’ll also be gathering what seem like broken pieces of former practices, to create something new – like a mosaic that puts together broken pieces in new and beautiful patterns. We’ll gather all the resources we can find – our assets like money and buildings, and more: our friends in the wider community, our relationships with our neighbors, our ability to embrace the people to come to join us in work and fellowship and worship. As we bring those seemingly unmatched fragments, together we’ll create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

That process – undertaken with love and intentionality and a collaborative spirit – will tap strengths we don’t even know we have.  We’ll be strong at the places we thought were broken. And we’ll share our strengths with one another.

That’s the hope and the vision that our faith in God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – plants within us. And as we share our lives and our faith, we will grow. Together we will gather our resources and grow our vision of what God can do with us, for us, and through us.

Join us, the people who are St. Brigit, as we offer our money, our energy, and our love to support our community of faith.

Respectfully submitted by Demi Prentiss

Please join us on Sunday, October 9th for our Blessing of the Animals service as we commemorate St. Francis’ Feast Day.  

St. Francis was said to have loved God’s creatures. There are stories of him taming wild animals and preaching to the birds. To remember St. Francis’ love for animals and to give God thanks for the animals in our own lives we invite you to bring your pets to church with you this day as we will hold a special service in our sanctuary for blessing the animals. 

If you have a pet that has died feel free to bring an item belonging to them to be placed upon the altar for a blessing.

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