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As the information becomes available we will post updates on the process of selecting a new priest for our Mission Church.



One of my favorite songs from the musical “Carousel” is

“June Is Busting Out All Over”.

 “March went out like a lion

A whippin’ up the water in the bay;

April cried and stepped aside and

Along came pretty little May.

May was full of promises but, she did’t

keep ‘em quick enough for some and

A crowd of Doubting Thomases saying

June will never come.

But it’s comin’ by gum, it’s comin’

Cause June is busting out all over.”

The newness and freshness of spring never gets old for me…the hope of all things becoming new again brings a lightness to my spirit from the doldrums of winter . Don’t get me wrong.. I love the winter. Growing up in western New York on Lake Ontario if you didn’t love winter, you would not have survived! At least with my grandparents in Texas, I had time each winter with the cactus.

And this season reminds me of the newness that awaits St. Brigit’s congregation with the potential of a new Vicar coming to us. Anticipation, uncertainty, wonder, what will be new and encouraging, what will remain of the past and of our history…so many questions and unknowns.  

I have been taking comfort in writings from both the Celtic Spirituality writers and the words of Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton and the poet, Rumi. Where have you been finding your sustenance during this time of Zoom and the pandemic? The New Zealand Book of Common Prayer has also moved me in more spirit filled directions. 

So, with this in mind…..would you be willing to share what has been uplifting to you during this time as we prepare to move forward with a new priest at St. Brigit’s?  If so, send me an e-mail and I will put together a list to send out to the entire congregation…you can do so anonymously or by name. Submission Date:  Wed. May 12, 2021.  God’s Peace, Peg Nelson