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Peggy Nelson “Peg”–St. Brigit Vicar Search Chair

It is a pleasure to chair the Vicar Search Committee with the
members of the Bishop’s Committee Community (BCC). As the outgoing Bishop’s Warden (2018-2020), I have known these members for several years and have confidence in their abilities and heart for this task. 

Originally from a small village in Western New York, I had a mixed background with my father being a native of that community and my mother being a native Texan. Growing up, I spent almost as much time in Texas as I did in Western N.Y. which accounts for some of my colloquial expressions…y’all!

Being divorced and the sole parent for my daughter, I returned to college for both a BS and MS degree. The next twenty years were spent in administration and teaching at various universities. After retiring, I began a psychotherapy practice in Wyoming and Colorado

I am married to Dave who I met in Wyoming on a covered wagon trip. My daughter & her husband along with my granddaughter and her daughter ( I am a proud great grandma!) live close to us.  For 20 years, Dave and I showed and bred Welsh Springer Spaniels. Recently, we decided to no longer show or breed…47 puppies were enough! We live with four Welshies that keep us happy, healthy and busy!!!


Alicia Faith Florin–Children and Safety

I grew up in a large Roman Catholic family in Salt Lake City. I am the oldest of 7 kids and we all attended catholic grade and highschool. I graduated in Family Studies and Consumer Economics at the University of Utah where I was active with my Newman Center group. I started working at eBay.inc customer service on 9.11 and worked in internet safety and website  policing until 2013. I found passion in outreach especially volunteering with foster children and habitat builds. I married Dominic a long time family friend in 2012 and moved to Colorado and to the St. Brigit community at that time. We have three children, James (2007), Tressa (2013) , Helena (2016) . I retired from traditional work and volunteering  to manage a house of three kids and took on the task of homeschooling for the last few years. I have found when I talk about my St. Brigit community I become sentimental. Not just because of seeing the church grow but because it has been like a family for my family.

Sean McGaughey–Bishop’s Warden

My families’ coracle landed at the shores of St. Brigit in August of 2018. I have been a confirmed member of the Diocese of Colorado since 2000. I am an insurance agent by vocation, and a father of a multi-generational household that includes my wife Chelli, our 29-year-old daughter, 14-year-old daughter, and 6-year-old granddaughter. My avocations include playing guitar, singing in the choir, graphite pencil drawing, and playing chess. I have been active in the diocese including taking kids up to Quest, vestry leadership in another parish, and participating in leadership in Cursillo. I am a cancer survivor of two rounds of stage 4 head and neck cancer in 2017 and 2019. I love the feeling of hospitality and outreach of our St. Brigit community, and feel called to help discern in community the direction in which the Holy Spirit calls us to live out our mission as a church family.












Tracy Platz–Member at Large

I grew up in the Catholic Church.  I became involved in church services as soon as I was able to, but I was not allowed to serve at the altar (there were only altar boys back then), so I became a lector when I turned 13.  I was never comfortable with the role of women (or lack thereof) in the Catholic church.  When I was in graduate school, I attended the Episcopal Church with friends and found a Christian tradition that embraced women into all aspects of both the service and the clergy.  I joined the Episcopal Church in 2003, and when my husband and I started dating, brought him along for the ride.  He had also been raised in the Catholic Church. I have been a member of both a Vestry and a Bishop’s Committee back in Texas.  My husband and I were some of the earliest members of a mission church within the Diocese of Dallas.  Ultimately, the mission did not last, but I gained a lot of experience and understanding of the inner workings of the Diocese.  When we moved to Colorado in 2017, we began our search for a new Episcopal Church home.  We tried out several established churches in the area, but when we walked into St Brigit’s, we felt like we had found a new home.  We felt the hospitality that is one of St. Brigit’s core values as soon as we walked in the door.  They welcomed not only us, but our (at the time) 5-year-old son.  When we got home to talk about our impressions of St. Brigit, it was unanimous, we had found our new church home.  We have been attending ever since.  I have recently become a member of the Bishop’s Committee Community and the lead for the Altar Guild, as well as continuing to be a lector.  As for what keeps me busy, not only am I involved at church, but I am also a Systems Engineer at Ball Aerospace, the Cubmaster for Erie Pack 62 Cub Scouts, a wife, and the mom to a precocious 8-year-old.  Life is good!

Jeff Nieusma–Property Warden

Jeff Nieusma was a Vestry member of the parent church, St. Mary Magdalene. The Nieusmas were an anchor family and volunteered to move to Frederick to help launch the new mission church.  Jeff was appointed the first Junior Warden of the Bishop’s Committee in charge of facilities and maintenance of the property and buildings.  He designed and coordinated the construction of the original sanctuary in the 1000 square foot garage. He then helped design and construct the 2500 square foot (current) sanctuary east of the garage.  Afterward, he designed and built the Kildare room, bathrooms, and classrooms in the original space after the sanctuary was finished.  Following a few years off, Jeff was reappointed to the Bishop’s Committee as the Property Warden starting in 2020 and is working on multiple projects during the COVID “down time”.












Geri Sue Coe–Member at Large

I am a Colorado native born in Grand Junction. I joined St. Brigit in 2019.  I had been a member of St. Matthews in Grand Junction, CO. for many years.  I  was appointed to the Bishop’s Committee beginning of December 2020.  Since joining the church I have found only warmth and welcoming faces.  I am  married and have a 12yo black lab fur baby. My  favorite pastime is spending time with family and friends and quilting.

Barb Miller–Adult and Youth Formation

I think of myself these days as an inter-spiritual person. I’m Episcopalian and Sufi. I love Hindu practices and kirtan. And, I find useful wisdom in Buddhism and the Tao. Following my husband’s death in 2009, I focused my lifelong love of all things spiritual on studying the Christian Mystics, attending retreats and becoming a Spiritual Director. In 2019, I became a professed Oblate in a nearby Benedictine monastery. I met Cynthia Bourgeault (a retired Episcopal Priest in the Diocese of Colorado) in 2012 and immediately began reading and studying her books. She, along with Richard Rohr and James Finely, is my primary source and inspiration for how I view, practice and share the Wisdom Tradition. My being resonates with her emphasis on kenosis and surrender, and my experience attests to it’s fruitfulness.

What do I love? I love my family and friends, I love my faith community, especially the youth. I love being in the outdoors, I love enjoying our furry, feathered and scaled brothers and sisters. I love the Silence, the All.









Vicky Emerson–Member at Large

I was born in Austin, Tx and grew up in Burlington, CO. I have lived in both states for long periods of time as an adult. I was raised Methodist, spent my younger adult years in various more evangelical churches working as home missionary, Sunday school teacher, and musician. As I became painfully more and more aware that these teachings were not aligned with my evolving spiritual truth, I joined my lifelong friends in the Episcopal church in the early 2000’s, and have been home ever since. I also have Buddhist and Pagan spiritual practices.

I survived the Schism while in Texas and learned. Our church recovered and grew with the help of a wonderful Interim Priest and strong work by the remnant. 

By training, I am an LPN, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a Student of Healing Touch. I have worked in many fields as a nurse and am now the Quality Assurance Nurse with a large home health company. I own InSight Healing LLC.

I was blessed to be able to take several classes each semester at local colleges and the University of Texas Permian Basin during the 8 years I lived in Midland, Tx while I worked as nurse consultant and traveled. My major was Criminology with a Sociology and Anthropology focus. During these years, I helped develop a Patent, worked with several Sovereign Tribal Nations documenting health and safety concerns with tribal jails and was a participant in a presentation to the DOJ, BIA, OIG in DC. I also facilitated several large multi-jurisdictional workshops for the National Institute of Justice with CEUs provided. 

I think I have lived about 14 lifetimes this time around: I worked as a CTE teacher in a poor inner city high school, which might be my most satisfying work so far; was foster parent at an emergency shelter for teen girls in San Antonio; was in the coalition that started and developed The Rape Crisis Line and Advocacy in San Antonio, and was an advocate for a few years in TX and CO; volunteered as the area coordinator of the Very Special Arts Festival; worked as a tutor for teens through the courts; and worked with refugees from 14 countries through the years. I also taught piano and guitar for 24 years and was in musical groups in both states giving concerts to large audiences. My life has been so rewarding and I intend to continue to learn and grow. My next plan is to write. 

I am a widow, 10 years now, have a son and daughter and 5 grandchildren. I live with a dog, 2 cats, and a giant goldfish fish. Again, life is so good!