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The Goddess Brigid:
The Goddess Brigid, (Brigid of the Sidhe) is a well known and beloved Celtic goddess for good reason. Goddess of the Forge, Hearth, and Healing, She brings nourishment, growth, new life,  inspiration and protection. She is one of a few Celtic Deities whose presence spans a vast epoch in Celtic Paganism. Known by many names, Brigid’s influence has grown and evolved through time from the early settling of the British isles to modern day in both Pagan and Christian traditions.  Looking deeper into her history and mythology can bring us new insights into this Goddess who continues to have a profound effect on those she touches.”

St. Brigid of Kildare:
Brigid of Kildare, Ireland, is one of the most beloved and well-known saints of the Early Middle Ages. Accounts of her life are greatly influenced by legend and myth, however, her love of Christ and her love of God’s creation as well as the overflowing bounty of her compassion and joy are apparent in them all. Born in the doorway of a barn on the dawn of February 1, she was born in between indoors and outdoors, winter and spring, and night and day. Born in a liminal space, she serves as the doorway between realms and understandings: between animals and humans,  rich and poor, power and poverty, male and female, and solid and imaginal realities. Inspired by Brigid, we can follow her along the in-between way, uniting forces that seek to divide our world today.

Why are we hosting the event?

Long ago, Brigid flung out her mantle over the world. Beneath its shelter, the Earth and its people could find healing, insight, and growth. This legend, shared by both Celtic Pagans and Celtic Christians, makes the point that a mantle isn’t a rigid container meant to keep some things inside while excluding others. A mantle is wide, flexible and inclusive. Using this as their central metaphor, authors Lilly Weichberger, a Pagan healer, and Kenneth McIntosh, a Christian minister, engage in dialogue that is ultimately about what it means to be spiritual, to be a person of faith. While the authors agree that very real differences separate Paganism and Christianity, they affirm that shared points of mutual understanding can be found under “Brigid’s Mantle”.

Immerse yourself in Celtic story, practice and silence with these renowned authors in a virtual retreat being offered by St. Brigit’s Episcopal Church in Frederick, CO.

When are we having the event?

Tuesday – Feb. 2 (Imbolc), Feb. 9 and Feb. 16 – 7pm to 8:15pm (MST)

How to participate in the event?

Go to our registration page and submit your registration. Once you have registered, we will send a confirmation to verity your email account (make sure to check your spam/junk folder).  The link to attend the retreat will be sent out via email about a week before the event.

What is the cost for the event?

Suggested donation: Live event $39.00, Recorded event $29.00. Your donation enables St. Brigit’s to grow and expand this virtual ministry, to discover ever deeper aspects of the meaning of Brigid’s Mantle.  

What is the schedule for the event?

Tues, Feb. 2 –  Lilly Weichberger will share her experiences of the Goddess Brigid from a Pagan perspective. 

Tues, Feb. 9 –  Kenneth McIntosh will share stories and practices based in the Christian Celtic Tradition of Brigid of Kildare.

Tues, Feb.16 – Lilly and Kenneth will engage in a dialogue, including time for Q&A.