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Spiritual Engagement Series

We will be holding a new spiritual engagement series over the Fall and Winter. You may remember that last year we held three, what we called then book clubs, where we used three well chosen books to explore and reflect on our own faith journeys. We are still going to use a book but this time we are going to the ultimate well springs of our faith, which is holy scripture.
 We will be covering the Gospel of Mathew but in addition we’ll be looking and experiencing Mathew through the eyes and hearts of the Celts as they recieved it from the likes of Patrick, of Brigid, of Columba. Leading us on this journey with their insights will be Kenneth McIntosh and some of his fellow Celtic commentators.
This is easy and quick reading but nontheless it will be deep and hopefully nourishing. The first iteration will be held November 2nd and Kenneth McIntosh will be joining us to personally set the tone and timber for Mathew’s Gospel. We will be covering approximately the first seventy pages of the book which will level set us as to how the Celts received the good news of our salvation. After that the readings should not exceed more than ten to fifteen pages at a time.
“The Kingdom of Heaven is all around us. Come explore it through the Gospel of Matthew.”
The name of the book is, “The Winged Man”, by Kenneth McIntosh https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34740820-the-winged-man