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Indoor Service Rules

  1. Reservations will be required and pre-registration is available on the website. Unregistered guest can sign up on site until we reach a maximum of 50 people. If that limit is reached people are welcome to log in on zoom from the court yard.. Clean pens will be available for single use. Hand sanitizer will be available at check in. The service bulletin will be on paper (and electronic for Zoom).
  2. Since we are an intergenerational congregation, no one will be allowed to enter or remain in the sanctuary without a mask. We will have masks available for any adult needing one. Should anyone refuse to wear a mask and refuse to leave the sanctuary, the service will be cancelled, and everyone will be asked to leave, maintaining a 6’ distance. We plan to continue the use of masks indoors as we have immunocompromised adults and children under eleven years old.The Office of the Bishop will determine when masks indoors will not be required.
  3. You must enter the breezeway (narthex) one person or group at a time, through the north door where a greeter will check you in. Another greeter at the door to the sanctuary will direct you and your family to the appropriate seating area according to the size of their pod.
  4. Following the service and keeping socially distant, each group will leave the sanctuary through the west door, to return to their vehicle. There will be no coffee hour yet.
  5. As we have done outside, Clergy will stand, gloved and masked, a few feet from each side of the altar. As long as everyone wears a mask properly, covering their mouth and nose except when eating the sacrament, we can sing hymns.
  6. The offering plates will be next to the west door to receive your gifts as you leave.
  7. Restrooms will be restricted to one person or members of one pod at any one time. Lysol spray, soap, and cleaning supplies are above each sink and cleaning must be done by users/parents before leaving the restroom. There are signs to explain cleaning duties after use.