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CFB-Our Mission

Our Mission

Celtic Fest Brigit is designed to raise funds for St. Brigit Episcopal Church in Frederick, CO. to help with community projects include the following:


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Brigit’s Bounty Community Resources is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has a large community garden on the St. Brigit Property.  The mission of Brigit’s Bounty is to provide education, training, and resources towards transforming the lives of individuals and strengthening the Carbon Valley community. Brigit’s Bounty partners with Thunder Valley K-8 school and the I Have A Dream Program to educate children about gardening, nutrition and healthy food choices and also runs a low-cost garden camp.   All produce is donated to the Carbon Valley Community.  You may tour the Giving Garden during Celtic Fest Brigit.   www.brigitsbounty.org



Brigit’s Village is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that has as its mission: to establish a welcoming and reasonably-priced intergenerational housing community in Colorado’s Carbon Valley. Plans are in progress towards building 50 units of affordable housing adjacent to the St. Brigit property near the Brigit’s Bounty Giving Garden.  www.brigitsvillage.org


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Labyrinth:  A labyrinth is a walking prayer and meditation aid.  Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends. There is only one path, so you cannot get lost.  St. Brigit has built a labyrinth on the property that is open to the public at any time.  For more information about St. Brigit’s Labyrinth, go to www.stbrigit.org\spiritual-life\labyrinth.

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Carbon Valley HELP Center:  Carbon Valley HELP Center is a non-profit serving the Carbon Valley area.  The mission of the Carbon Valley HELP Center is to help people in immediate need to move towards self-sufficiency by unifying Carbon Valley resources.  St. Brigit Episcopal Church supports the work of the Carbon Valley HELP Center by making referrals, holding semi-annual food drives and providing financial support.

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I Have A Dream:  The mission of the I Have a Dream program is to motivate and empower children from low income communities to reach their educational and career goals by providing a long-term intervention program of mentoring, tutoring, and cultural enrichment.  Upon graduation from high school each Dreamer is eligible to receive a four-year tuition assistance scholarship for college or vocational school.  St. Brigit partners with this program by financially supporting two Dreamers and providing Christmas gifts for multiple families.  In addition, Dreamers receive gardening education through Brigit’s Bounty Giving Garden.