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Fall Funding Campaign Form


110 Johnson St., Frederick, CO 80530

In thanksgiving for all that God has given us and to support the ministry of this congregation. I/WE make the following estimate of our 2023 giving:

Total annual amount $____________

To be paid _____weekly, _____ monthly _____quarterly _____annually _____electronically

_____ by transfer of stock or securities _____other (please describe) ___________________



CITY ____________________________________STATE________ZIP CODE_____________

E-MAIL: ____________________________________ PHONE: ______________________

_____ This is a change of address.

_____ I/we have also made a gift through our estate plan.

_____ I/We would like information about ways of making a planned gift from my/our estate.

(for example, a bequest of cash or securities, an IRA, a life insurance policy, real estate, etc.)