• February 1st, St. Brigit’s 10th Anniversary
  • Sunday, May 5th, Farewell celebration for our former vicar, Felicia SmithGraybeal
  • June 8th, first youth catechumenate (confirmation) since 2016


  • September 29th held 2ndAnnual Celtic Fest
  • October, St. Brigit’s Oak planted on property
  • Hosted Summer Garden Camp


  • September 30th, held the 1st Annual Celtic Fest where we hosted over 1000 people on the land
  • June Youth Group Mission Trip to Guatemala
  • Hosted Summer Garden Camp


  • Spring – we held an Adult Catechumenate program
  • April- July Our Priest Felicia went on a Lilly Funded Sabbatical
  • Hosted Summer Garden Camp


  • Summer-Brigit’s Bounty Community Resources donated $2,850 in food assistance and 1800 pounds of fresh produce to those in need in the Carbon Valley
  • Hosted Summer Garden Camp
  • July-Participated in Habitat for Humanity build in Dacono
  • Fall-Completed Improvements to landscaping and installed new signage
  • November-First Kirkin’ of the Tartan service
  • November-Two acres of property subdivided for donation to Brigit’s Village
  • Hosted the 1st VISTA Worker for BBCR & Brigit’s Village
  • October Group of Parishioners from St. Brigit made a pilgrimage to Ireland


  • March-Hosted first free health fair for the Carbon Valley
  • Summer-Youth group mission trip to Navajoland in New Mexico
  • September-Brigit’s Village senior housing project launched and new non-profit organization created
  • December-Hosted first Help Portrait event, providing professional portraits to those who could not otherwise afford them


  •   May 18: Dedication ceremony and concert to celebrate the donation of our new piano
  •   in memory of Susie Manica
  •   April: Started the remodel of the original 1000 square feet of space into two classrooms
  •   and two bathrooms
  •   February 1: New sanctuary is consecrated in a service officiated by Colorado Bishop Rob O’Neill.


  • Held our 1st Annual Summer Garden Camp
  • December 16: First service in our new 2,500 square foot sanctuary.
  • September: Fourth annual Fall Festival outreach event
  • July: Grounding breaking blessing service for the new sanctuary
  • Summer: Building Permit granted by the Town of Frederick
  • Spring: Site plan is approved by the Town of Frederick
  • June 20, we held our 1st Ai’t Caol Summer Solstice service. Ai’t Caol is Gaelic for a Thin Place which is a Celtic concept of a place where the veil between heaven and earth is very thin. This service is a multi-sensory experience with meditations areas designed around the scriptures and communion is served.


  • Fall: Third annual Fall Festival outreach event
  • Fall: Built an outdoor labyrinth on the grounds
  • Fall: created a video for the Diocesan convention to summarize our mission status
  • August: Garden bench installed and dedicated to Rich Jack
  • May: BBCR won a $1500 grant from Scott’s Miracle Grow
  • Brigit’s Bounty Community Resources was incorporated as a 501c3
  • April: Brigit’s Bounty Community Resources is named a Jubilee Ministry


  • Fall: Second annual Fall Festival outreach event
  • January: Growth Committee Formed




  • Fall: First annual Fall Festival outreach event
  • April: We celebrated our first Holy Week services and first baptisms on Easter Sunday.
  • March: The congregation reached thirty families, so we can now begin to advertise our services.
  • March 10: The Town of Frederick changed our property zoning to downtown commercial, which will allow us to use the garage as worship space and broadens the possibilities for our future growth.
  • Feb: A parishioner applied to Hidden Valley Ranch and received a grant for $5,000 to begin construction of a community garden.
  • Feb 1: Had our first worship service in our newly renovated 1,000 square foot sanctuary (formerly a detached garage complete with grease pit and overhead engine hoist!).
  • Jan: First Bishop’s committee meeting.
    • Felicia SmithGraybeal, Priest
    • Maureen Beaty, Deacon
    • Eileen Bisgard, Senior Warden
    • Jeff Nieusma, Junior Warden
    • Jane Carlson
    • Leigh Hiester
    • Richard Tyrrell


  • Nov: November plate collections from both St. John’s in Boulder and Christ the King in Arvada were donated to St. Brigit’s 2009 operating budget. We are grateful to our brothers and sisters in Christ!
  • Fall: Pledged $5,000 from St. Mary Magdalene’s 2009 operating budget.
  • Oct: Bishop Robert O’Neill officially gives a name to our Special Congregation. We are now St. Brigit Episcopal Church!
  • Jul: The Episcopal Foundation buys a house at 110 Johnson Street, which is adjacent to the land. The Frederick congregation will be able to gather at this location for nominal rent plus utilities.
  • May: Bishop Rob O’Neill grants $10,000 from his Directionary Funds to the Special Congregation in 2009 and commits to $5,000 in 2010 and $5,000 in 2011.
  • Apr: Now a Special Congregation, we apply for and receive a monetary grant from the Front Range region for several special projects.
  • Mar: Frederick group applies for and is granted “Special Congregation” status by the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Colorado.
  • Jan: Frederick group decides to have worship once per month at Prairie Green Club house.


  • Dec: Small planning group is formed to research and document the Frederick Congregational Development Plan.
  • Dec: Second Episcopal Service held at Prairie Green Club house in Frederick, CO
  • Nov: Deacon Maureen Beaty is ordained at the Cathedral in Denver. Bishop Rob O’Neill assigns her to the church plant effort in Frederick.
  • Oct: Clergy from SMM and St. Stephen’s begin meeting regularly to discuss the possibility of a church plant in Frederick. Priest Felicia SmithGraybeal chosen as “lead clergy person” to continue the exploration process.
  • Sept – Dec: Families who live in the Tri-Town area and are interested in forming a new Episcopal Church meet every other Sunday night to continue exploring their vision of this mission
  • Sept: SMM and St. Stephen’s clergy participate in first Episcopal Service on the land purchased in Frederick. 225 people from SMM, St. Stephen’s, and the Tri-Town area were in attendance.
  • Spring: St. Stephen’s in Longmont expresses interest in launching a mission church with SMM in the Tri-Town area.
  • Jan: Episcopal Land Bank purchased acreage for possible mission church in Frederick, Colorado
  • Jan: SMM Task Force presented findings at annual meeting of SMM


  • Oct: SMM Task Force presented findings to the SMM Vestry (leadership team)
  • May-Sept: St. Mary Magdalene’s Task Force identified the Tri-Town area as a place where high population growth, a need for community outreach and the need for a liturgical church co-exist.


  • Summer: St. Mary Magdalene rector (Mike Houlik) goes on sabbatical. During Father Mike’s sabbatical several home meetings were conducted regarding the future of St. Mary Magdalene (SMM). One of the possibilities that arose out of these home meetings was how might St. Mary Magdalene lend their support to a church plant in a near by area.